Mobile Imaging Services

At Texas Medical Group we understand the urgency for mobile imaging services, we offer these services to all our our patients that are currently on service with us to avoid having to leave the facility. Transporting patients after a fall or injury can be very painful and dangerous therefore, we have teamed up with leading mobile imaging providers in the area to crate a network of care. Our Clinicians have the option to order x-rays and ultrasounds through their smartphone devices 24/7 using a state-of the art paging system that connects with the mobile imaging company. Minutes later, the technician will be in touch with the patient's place of residence. In most cases technicians arrive within the firs 2 hours and results are read and interpreted by licensed, board-certified Radiologists and Cardiologists. Once interpreted results are sent to us electronically and treatment is ordered within the first 4 hours after the imaging technician arrives. 

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