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Mobile Lab Services

We provide mobile phlebotomy services primarily to individuals who are home bound, have no transportation, or simply would like to have their phlebotomy needs done in the privacy of their own residence. Our services are provided at no cost to our patients. We collect and transport all types of specimens that our  clinicians request and are used for diagnosis and treatment. Whether your patients need a blood sample taken, urine or stool specimen tested, we are there to to make it work. In most cases, lab collection is always done the same day and results are typically available within 24 hrs. We make this happen thanks to our team of experienced phlebotomy technicians and partnerships with mobile lab companies in the community with the purpose of providing above and beyond patient care in the comfort of the patient's place of residence. Once results are available, they are sent to us securely. We will then provide treatment if applicable. No more chasing labs around to obtain results, let us do it for you.